Coaching Vs Therapy

About PTC

Positive Transformational Coaching is a brand new experience. Together we will shift the focus from what’s wrong in your life to what’s right and how to create more of that.

Maybe you’re experiencing mind-numbing job stress, a controlling boss, or impossible peers. Maybe you long to be respected and rewarded for your hard work. Or, maybe you’ve lost your job and you’re not sure what to do next. Positive Transformational Coaching can and will help you! If you’re experiencing relationship challenges, from poor communication to divorce, Positive Transformational Coaching will turn on the lights to help you see how to best move forward.

Sometimes compromised health in yourself or a family member can present unique challenges. Maybe you feel like a piece of bologna in the generational sandwich between aging parents and your own children. If so, PTC will help you find balance and peace-of-mind.

No matter the challenges life throws at you, research-based Positive Transformational Coaching, can help you move through and flourish in the life you’ve always wanted.

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