About Me

I always wanted to be a writer when I grew up. I loved the written word, whether in novels, newspapers or the backs of cereal boxes. As a child, I got lost in stories about people and places, inserting myself into whatever adventures the characters were having.

As that avid reader and student of current events, it was only natural that I majored in journalism in college. I married soon after graduation and began my career in the corporate world where I worked my way up to vice-president of marketing and public relations at the ripe old age of 28. By that time, I had two kiddos and made the choice that many women my age did back then – I decided being a full-time mom was more important than continuing to climb the corporate ladder.

After about a dozen years of devoted family life, I started to get itchy to do something new. Through that life-long love of learning and seeking, I discovered the new profession of Life Coaching and spent three more years in school, training and graduating from Coach U, the first-ever Life Coach training program.

Now, 22 years later, as founder and president of my own company, Francie Cooper, Inc., I coach individuals and groups, offer virtual teleclasses and in-person workshops a few times a year, and plan to host retreats in the near future.

When not playing with my dog, Henry, or nose-deep in a great book, I love to travel, seeking out new places and people. I’m also a huge advocate for helping those less fortunate and using my strengths for the greater good.



Certified, Professional Life Coach, Coach U

Certified Positive Transformation Coach, School of Positive Transformation

Twenty-two years Life Coaching experience

Minister/Officiant, Universal Life Church

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