Do you have clarity, confidence & contentment?

Francie Cooper, your Positive Transformation Coach, will work with you to positively transform your life through a unique, ground-breaking, Positive Transformation Coaching (PTC) experience.

Identify your life purpose

Set tangible, achievable goals

Take actions that will increase your joy, passion and love of life!

Using research-based, cutting-edge assessments, tools and interventions, we will work together virtually so you can join me from wherever you are around the globe.
“Francie has helped me to realize my potential and confidence to pursue my passions. Prior to working with her, I responded to positive feedback with self-deprecating comments or downplaying my role, which was just my insecurity shining through. Through Francie’s support and guidance, I now accept my achievements as a source of inspiration, allowing me to build my self-esteem and grow professionally and personally.”
Mark, Fort Worth, TX

Creative Problem Solving

What is Coaching?

Fundamentally, Positive Transformation Coaches work with mentally healthy clients to help them move forward.

Keynotes & Talks

Be inspired and challenged. Experience actionable takeaways you can implement immediately. Explore subjects such as leadership and creativity, how to assess and build strengths, or ground-breaking new studies on Positive Transformation.

Business Coaching

Transform your work life. Achieve your goals. Enjoy mutual respect with your boss and colleagues. Lead your staff to be more productive and responsible. Inspire others and be inspired yourself. You can do all that and more.

“Through Francie's guidance with not letting fears or limiting beliefs sabotage my goals, I was able to get "unstuck" in areas of my personal and professional life that I was just not to be able to do on my own. I love her positive and compassionate energy which always made me feel safe when working through my fears and limiting beliefs. Francie truly cares about her clients and is committed to inspire & guide us to both succeed and exceed. Thank you, Francie!”
Audrey, Los Angeles, CA

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

“Francie Cooper is an amazingly intuitive and kind individual who truly cares about the well-being of others. To know her is to love her.”
Ruth Ann, Fort Worth, TX

Let's Talk

You may be experiencing job stress, a difficult boss and/or peers, a lack of respect and/or recognition – or maybe you’ve even lost your job. Other kinds of issues -- relationship challenges, health challenges, generational pressures – all can create turmoil that is difficult to navigate. Sometimes it’s simply self-doubt or lack of purpose or feeling of contentment… you just know something is missing. Whether you want to take a different path, feel happier, experience more love for yourself and others, or profoundly expand and enhance your life experience, partnering with Francie Cooper, Positive Transformation Coach, will change your life.

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